Raid® Outdoor Area Repellents

Raid® Outdoor Mozzie Lamp offers a convenient and pleasant way to repel mosquitoes while relaxing outdoors. The advanced pad technology releases a fragrance-free insect repellent when heated by the candle. It is suitable for use on household balconies, gardens, decking and even while camping – and works across a large, 5 metre square area. Tasteful and decorative, it also provides a pleasant glow and creates a relaxing atmosphere.

Raid® Outdoor Mozzie Lamp

  • Delivers 15x greater protection from mozzies outdoors versus traditional citronella candles
  • The candle & repellent mat are designed to work together for up to 4 hours
  • Raid® Mozzie Lamp primary unit contains a lamp, a candle and a special protective mat
  • Use only Raid® Outdoor Mozzie Lamp Refills (contains 3 candles and 3 mat refill


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