Raid® Automatic Insect Control Systems

Raid ® Automatic Insect Control Systems are designed for continuous 24 hour protection against flying and crawling insects, with a number of superior benefits:

• The Raid ® unique automatic dispenser uses advanced MicroMist™ technology which creates a mist of incredibly fine micro particles to eliminate insects. Because it’s a mist, not a spray, it stays in the air longer, and is more easily spread throughout your whole room.

• Raid ® Automatic is fragrance free, and contains natural pyrethins - nature’s own protection against insects, extracted from chrysanthemum daises – for naturally effective protection.

• The Set and Forget system means effortless 24hr continuous protection for your home.

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Indooor Range

  • Designed for insect control in your home, office, or other indoor areas.
  • Dispenser releases spray every 7 minutes
  • Range includes:
    • 185g pack (lasts up to 4 weeks or 6000 bursts)
    • 305g pack (lasts up to 7.5 weeks or 10,800 bursts)
    • 305g DIY pack (also has an adjustable timer to spray every 5 or 7 minutes, and a low can warning light).

Outdoor Range

  • Offers convenient and effective protection against insects while you relax and entertain outdoors.
  • Available in a 185g pack in hardware stores only.
  • Covers a large area and provides continuous protection for up to 30 hours.
  • Dispenser releases every 20 seconds with a 3 hour automatic cut off
  • Ideal for use around patios, bbq areas, gazebos, decks, on picnics and general outdoor entertainment areas

Raid® Innovair Multifit Refill 305g



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